Portia Smith | Professional Life Coach
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Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Funny. Be Vulnerable. Be a Lover. Be Open. Be Yourself.

Life Coach

[lahyf kohch]  noun (Profession) 


A person who counsels or motivates others in the achievement of personal objectives such as choosing or changing careers, improving relationships, setting goals, and determining priorities.

A person whose job is to improve the quality of his or her clien’ts life, by offering advice on professional and personal matters, such as career, health, personal relationships, etc.

An advisor who helps people with problems, decisions, and goal attainment in daily life.


Hi, I’m Portia

A Soul-Centered Life and Business Coach dedicated to elevating the collective happiness on this planet. I believe that we all have within us the ability to live our best lives. Sometimes, we just get a little lost along the way. I believe that we’re not all that different. Ultimately, we all want the same thing – to live a life of happiness and love. And I believe that with the right guidance, support, clarity and tools, lives can be transformed. That’s where I come in. Whatever crossroads you may be experiencing in your life – whether it’s wanting to start a new business, change careers, a new relationship, or simply to experience more happiness or self-acceptance, I’ve got your back. I’m here to support you, and guide you to your next level.

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