“We all have the potential to create the life that we desire. What many of us lack is the belief that it is possible. Once we realize that, all it takes is willingness and commitment. With those three things, we can achieve, have, do… anything we can imagine. Most of us go through life unaware of this magnificent and simple formula. “

It is a privilege for me to work with people all over the globe.  All of our sessions are virtual, so you can be anywhere, and so can I.  I work with a limited number of conscious people at a time, and spaces open up regularly.  My intention is not to work together in perpetuity; my vision for you is to provide the launching pad, and then watch you soar. I typically offer packages ranging from 3 months up to a year.  The investment ranges from $1,800 to $15,000 depending on the extent of your vision, and the structure of the package. If you believe that you have the willingness and commitment to truly go to the next level, please fill out this form, and I will reach out to you to schedule a complimentary session. 

If it is determined that we are a fit, I will offer a package based on your goals, and we will dive right in!

Each coaching experience is unique.  Your dreams are only yours, and our time together is customized to your specific desires, challenges and goals.  We will work specifically with what is present for you at each session.  Simultaneously, we will follow a structure that is formulated for you to maximize your experience:

It all begins with a clear vision. That is the first step, and the foundation for transformation. What is it that you want? A new career? A romantic relationship? A healthier lifestyle? Greater abundance? Authentic Self Expression? To simply experience more happiness? – Whatever it is, we will begin with the vision. I will work with you on gaining clarity around what your dreams are.

From there, we will begin taking action on the Soul Line. We will identify what inner blocks are keeping you from already living the life of your dreams. We will uncover limiting beliefs, fears, self-doubt, anything. We will go deep, get messy, have fun, experience breakthroughs, and grow.

Once we’ve processed through the inner blocks, and you’ve reconnected with your inner badass, you will be all geared up to begin work on the Goal Line. We will identify the outer blocks that are currently keeping you from achieving your dreams, and one by one, we will come up with action steps to bust through those blocks and rise up.

It is all up to you. I am here to guide you, to hold you accountable, to point out blind spots, to believe in you, to coach you. You are here to do the work and take control of your life and your dreams. Together, with your vision, willingness, and commitment, we can go far. 

What are you waiting for? The time is now to invest in yourself. I believe in the power of you.  Do you? Let’s Talk!

I feel more focused, more efficient which has resulted in that elusive sense of freedom that I have been chasing. She has a gentle style that radiates empathy, which made me feel safe to open up my guts to her. All of which was necessary to break down my disruptive patterns. If you're looking for more living in this short life and less "surviving", she can help you find your way. I highly, highly recommend her!

JamieSan Diego, CA

Portia is definitely talented. She has a unique ability to pull forward issues that need attention and has set me in the right direction. She's an expert at navigating personal relationships, health and fitness issues, as well as business and financial coaching. I am forever grateful for Portia's assistance in my personal and business growth.

DominicEntrepreneur and CEO, San Diego, CA

I love working with Portia, she has the ideal experience and training to assist me in business consulting, optimal health and nutrition as well as achieving my business goals. I appreciate her guidance and intuitive coaching to assist me in determining the best solutions for my journey to strike a healthy balance is work, play, relationships, and overall health / well being. 
I also appreciate that Portia walks the talk through her own practices in her life and her business.

JacquieSolana Beach, CA

Thank goodness I found Portia! Her kindness and openness made it such an easy and natural fit. This was my second experience with a coach and this time, it was exactly what I was looking for. We worked together to personalize strategies that matched my lifestyle and provided an authentic approach. During my first few sessions, Portia was so thorough to get to know my personality and help identify areas of callus that I wasn't even fully conscious of. A++ for Portia and the growth she has helped me accomplish in my life. I'm forever grateful for our new relationship and her hand helping me along the way.

StephanieLas Vegas, NV