I am a lover and a leader.
I am determined and smart.
I am sensitive, sweet, intuitive, strong, and fierce.
I am creative and compassionate, intelligent and funny.
I am a warrior and a survivor.
I am a hustler and a giver.
I am adventurous, magnetic, graceful and grounded.
I am playful, courageous and open.
I am a student of life, and a teacher of love.
I am a dreamer and a creator.
I am flawed and I am divine.

Portia Smith is a Professional Life Coach and Speaker, who helps others harness their power to live life with joy. She guides people through challenging life and work transitions, creating ideal scenes, building self-worth and confidence, shedding obstacles and internal blocks, and incorporating more joy and play into their lives.

Portia is a true entrepreneur at heart, initially as a real estate investor with a portfolio of multiple properties by her mid-twenties, to having successfully founded, nurtured and sold a successful renewable fuel enterprise.  Following her exit from that venture, Portia was called in a new direction where she could coach others based on her vast personal and business experience.  She went on to complete a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and now runs a private Coaching Practice in San Diego.

Portia believes that we all have within us the ability and power to orchestrate the lives we desire. She is passionate about sharing this message, and encouraging and assisting others in reaching their potential and finding their bliss.

Portia’s playful, compassionate, and spirited nature coupled with her extensive professional background provide a unique and ideal combination for successfully coaching people both on the goal-line and the soul-line of life.

Her compassion, presence, and natural style feel like I am sitting with a friend. I feel safe, comfortable, and open to exploring, healing and growing. I am so grateful to have found her, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for more joy, fulfillment, or support with goals in life.

FrankSan Diego,CA

Portia is a very talented life coach. She is amazing and so supportive!. Not only did she help me with many life coping skills, but she was fantastic at helping me with having the courage to take the leap of faith to venture out in my own business. I'm so much happier and empowered and I credit her with giving me the skills to be able to move forward. Thank you Portia!

JanetSan Diego, CA

Portia has truly changed my life as I've had the great fortune of being coached by her as it pertains to my career, health and life. She has a way of making her clients feel incredibly seen and safe while also motivating them to make the changes in their lives so that they can live their fullest expression. Portia has created a space for me to share my deepest vulnerabilities and fears and has helped me navigate my pain, insecurities and misbeliefs, providing me with the tools to heal and rise strong in all areas of my life. She is an incredible coach who not only talks the talk but she embodies everything she speaks to. I am a better woman because of the impact she has had on me.

MelCambridge, MA
Giving Back

I am passionate about supporting the children of our future.  I do this by supporting the extraordinary organizations that have the courage and strength to give these children the chance they most likely would not have otherwise had.  Join me in making a difference in the lives of others as we strive to make the best of our own.